Summertime girls

Summertime girls

I really wish itwere warmer. Just sayin’.

I took this photo at the height of summer last year, and I can still feel the warmth of the sun as it shone on that day….actually, today I think that warmth is attributed to the heater blasting onto my freezing-cold legs.
That’s the blessing of SL…we have our (SL’ers) version of “guided-imagery”.



“Think for yourself and allow others the privilege to do so too.”

This is my lesson for today. I will be kind and open-minded, and allow the people around me to express themselves without judging them.

Maybe I will learn something important in the process.


This blog is my decompression, my expression, my introspection, my elocution.

Welcome to me!

The pages have remained blank until now because I wasn’t ready. What I was waiting for, I can’t say…no clue.

But, today I decided to jump in.