The air outside the club is velvet-heavy and dark, warm with late summer breezes rippling through it. Boldness worms its way through my walk and I reach out and grab his arm, pulling him to me as I press my back against the brick wall. He looms over me, his beautiful face only half a breath from mine, his lips slightly parted…and I am reaching for a taste.

I slide my right knee between his thighs, carefully balancing, and my left foot hooks around his calf, pulling him closer still. His breath hisses through clenched teeth. I look up, startled that I have hurt him. It takes me a heartbeat or two to realize that he is reacting to something I’ve done…I press my knee higher, grazing his inseam. He shifts his weight slightly, and the heel of my left stiletto jabs through his leathers, and I hear him suck in a ragged breath again. Grinning slightly, I pull his mouth down to mine and dig my heel in a little harder, reveling in his moan.

The taste of him wrecks me, and both of my legs are around his waist, my half-bare back scraping on the brick as his hips angle under me to raise me higher on his body. I gasp softly at the searing shock of his fingers slipping under the hem of my skirt to find their way beneath the flimsy lace panties covering my right cheek.

Brazen with lust and power, I slide my hands between our bodies, my mouth never ceasing to devour his, and I push my fingers past the waist of tight leather to where I can slide my fingers around the hard length of him. My thighs tremble with the tension of holding my throbbing core from reaching for that part of him that my hands are worshipping.

I vaguely hear the button ping off the wall to my right as it snaps free of his pants. The cowl neck of my thin silk tank is torn, hanging open to my navel. My arms are wound around his neck like English ivy, and I struggle to hold tight to my sanity as his mouth and hands are trying to liberate it from me.

The growl starts so deep and low that I don’t even hear it until it is vibrating through my chest, resonating and building in my head…and the instant I realize that it is rolling between us, that the shattering howl is coming, I feel him push inside me…


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