Bite me.

I could smell him. The fact that his fingers were warm on the small of my back meant little in comparrison to the scent of him filling my head and making my heart race. I flicked my tongue over my lower lip, trying to be inobvious in my desire to scent him more completely…woodsmoke, leather…and the green of a lush forest. I coughed to cover a tiny moan as it accidently escaped my lips.

I pushed the door open and stepped inside, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the dim light and luminously curling threads of cigarette smoke. His hand was still touching me, causing me to forget how to breathe for a second. What were my chances I could make this a short night out?

The music here was very different from the pulsing techno and goth that was played on Darkside. Rowdy rock was the flavor, and no one knew rowdy like Werepacks. The Fantasy Ranch was owned, run, and patronized by Weres, and Weres are- well…let’s just say….Weres are a playful lot. Though I had yet to attend, pack “cuddles” were infamous for being orgies that lasted for hours, sometimes days, on end. This place was very similar…to Weres, the scent of arousal was more potent than any drug. It was generally a good idea to stay away from dark corners if you were faint of heart…or not into sharing.

The pack moved closer to the bar, chattering and laughing. I moved with them, addled and badly in need of a drink. I laid my hand on the bar to order and it was quickly lifted and I was escorted away. I almost whimpered as I felt Ruv propel me across the room to the dancefloor. My legs weakened and I could feel my palms start to sweat. There was no disguising my scent. I wanted him, and he would know…

The dance floor is slick and my boot heel slides just enough to set me off balance. Of course. It only happens because there was someone there to catch me; someone I was afraid to even see me blush, let alone trip over my own feet. I swear under my breath as his arms wrap around me and right me. By the time I feel his chuckle rumbling under my hands which have, ironically, found their own way to his broad chest, I’m feeling the flush from my kneecaps to my hairline.

My head jerks up and my eyes clash with his. Ice blue, but I have never seen so much heat captured in ice. In this instant, everything that had ever been or could ever be said was infused into my soul. I would offer my throat to him, and in the most primal part of me, I knew he would reciprocate. My deranged need to fight him, the one that had been consuming me from the moment I laid eyes on him, dissolves into vapor. The world falls away to a terse hum that envelops us in a coccoon. There is nothing but my painfully throbbing need for him. I can not look away, and my body begins moving to a rythym my wolven ears can not hear.

Thighs tense and trembling, knees liquid with the impact of desire, I move against him. The dance becomes a prequel. This is blazingly obvious to both of us now, and time can not move fast enough or slowly enough. His head dips toward me, and for the first time I don’t move away. I don’t even suppress the moan that escapes my lips as his teeth graze the sensitive skin of my neck…

The pleasure-pain screams through me, setting my entire body on fire. I am searching his mouth, his hands, his hard planes looking for something to put the flames out, but find they only rage more insistently. My knee finds it’s way between his, and I am pressing every inch of myself into him from calf to shoulder, my hands inexhaustable as my mouth feasts on his. I feel an anxious desperation take hold…until I hear his soft moan.

It shocks me to hear a voice other than my own, and something inside my passion-seared brain snaps to attention and the world reappears. The music, though a different song, is still shimmering around us. As I turn to watch, dumbfounded that I could have forgotten them, faceless bodies dance past us and they pay us no mind.

I look up into his eyes again. It is still there, and the lust is palpable. I can taste the cinnamon-red wine tang of it as I run my tongue over my bruising lips. I can not control this…maybe that has been my fear all along. I want this man I shouldn’t want, and in trying to evade my desire for him, I have run smack into him.

“This is not going to be easy. For either of us.” My voice sounds like a cat’s tongue on sandpaper in my ears. He nods silently and runs the tip of his berry-red tongue over his canines, first the left, then the right and I am entranced. His eyes are half-lidded with unspent passion. I feel a flash of fear that he is thinking of this only in terms of this night. I almost laugh out loud, only lowering my eyes instead, as I convince myself that this is true, and I really shouldn’t ask for more.His fingers slide up my back and my head raises again as I feel him lightly grip my shoulders.

“We need to leave. Now. Before I take you right here on this dance floor.”

I meet his gaze and nod mutely. I would follow him to Hell. I only hope I don’t have to…


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