A loud groan cracks the air between us. The groan is followed by a gasp, mine, as Ruv drives himself to the hilt inside me and my body resists being stretched so far. My mind, what’s left of it, is shrieking for more.

The second thrust has me crying out, clawing his shoulders, vising his hips between my liquid-fire thighs. My core is hungrily pulling at his, just as my mouth is feasting at every bit of his flesh that I can find. My eyes are open, and I am seeing nothing but the blinding flashes of color that explode in my head as he drives me into the bricks and beyond what my senses can handle.

His teeth are on my neck, and just before my mind can register his restraint, I’m tossed into a tornado of an orgasm that steals my breath. The color in my head turns to black night and flashes to color again. I am not done…that tiny storm was a warning.

I have somehow worked my hands under the leather of his vest and I can feel my fingers digging into the muscles of his back as they bunch and ripple. Ruv’s breath is harsh and hot against my collarbone and his fingers grip my hips so tightly that I almost come just imagining the beautiful bruises they will leave behind.

His smooth, controlled strokes become an insistent grinding that brings even more of my tender, swollen flesh in contact with his. The low growl that starts in the pit of my belly builds until it erupts into a howl that vibrates every fiber of my being as I explode into an orgasm that I am sure will throw me out of my mortal form. I can not see, I can not breathe, and I can hear only howls…

Ruv’s arms wrap around my back and with one long stroke, he is breaching my cervix and another torrent of heat floods me…his howl has joined my own…

Hours seem to pass before I can draw a half-breath, and it is painful. I chose instead to rest my forehead on Ruv’s shoulder. Breathing is highly overrated. My body shudders in response to the continuing penetration, and after a moment I am forced to gasp. The fire is ebbing slowly, leaving my legs and arms numb, leaden. This man has not only stolen my heart, but now he has taken my bones. I can not choke back the sob that slips out of me as he does. I want nothing more than for him to stay there forever.

Forever. Oh, fuck…reality slaps me. Hard.

I want to cry as all my defenses start slamming into place in my head, causing a physical pain that starts in my guts and shoots up my spine. This man does not belong to me.

Ruv steps back and I slide down his body, still bracing my back against the wall. I am stunned when he steps toward me again and wraps me up, nuzzling my neck. My arms, which had loosened their hold on his neck slip to encircle his waist and I tuck my head under his chin. I’ll take it for as long as it lasts, which won’t be long. I watch his right hand raise and drift over my hair which has curtained across my face. His fingers are so gentle as he picks up one of my long red locks and he wraps it around his hand.

“Let’s go home.” His voice, though almost breathlessly soft, startles me. I lean back enough to look up into his eyes. He is waiting for my answer. I am so stunned I can only nod. He turns me around and tenderly wraps his arm around my waist, tugging the shredded edges of my blouse closed with his free hand. “Wow.” I am nodding in response again. What is it about this man that makes me feel so brainless?

“Looks like we have some shopping to do when the sun comes up.”

I peer up at him from under lowered lashes as we are walking away from the club…..We?


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