A loud groan cracks the air between us. The groan is followed by a gasp, mine, as Ruv drives himself to the hilt inside me and my body resists being stretched so far. My mind, what’s left of it, is shrieking for more. Continue reading



The air outside the club is velvet-heavy and dark, warm with late summer breezes rippling through it. Boldness worms its way through my walk and I reach out and grab his arm, pulling him to me as I press my back against the brick wall. He looms over me, his beautiful face only half a breath from mine, his lips slightly parted…and I am reaching for a taste. Continue reading

Bite me.

I could smell him. The fact that his fingers were warm on the small of my back meant little in comparrison to the scent of him filling my head and making my heart race. I flicked my tongue over my lower lip, trying to be inobvious in my desire to scent him more completely…woodsmoke, leather…and the green of a lush forest. I coughed to cover a tiny moan as it accidently escaped my lips. Continue reading


I vaguely listen to the discussions taking place around me. The meeting is ending, and people are standing to leave when Aerlinniel decides we all need to go dancing at the Fantasy Ranch. I immediately begin formulating excuses as to why I can’t go: Clients early in the morning, a horrible clog in my bathroom sink at home, not wearing the right shoes, etc. Anwen and Chira left hours ago, saying something about having to go to work, but the rest of the pack seems excited by the prospect. Continue reading