My boot heels dig into the soft earth outside the pack haven as I land silently, waiting for the fog to clear. The breeze from this morning has died and the air is still and clinging. Sunset has come and gone, and the waxing moon rises high above the rooftops in town, glowing pearlescent in a twilight sky.

I take a deep breath and climb the steps to the door, pushing it open with a loud creak. The smell of warmed amber and earth greets me as I step inside, and I hear voices drifting around the stone walls.Aer and three of her daughters are in the lounging area of the haven,where an animated discussion is taking place over Anwen’s impending nuptials. I paste a smile onto my face and greet all of the women, nuzzling each in turn, giving the youngest, Lucille, a warm hug. Chira and Anwen are laughing and I can see Aer’s gaze drifting from one to the other, trying to keep pace with the conversation. I move away and settle on the couch behind them, awaiting the rest of the pack’s arrival.
All of the girls are lovely, but Anwen is very beautiful, fine-boned and blonde with huge blue eyes…and I am not sure, but I feel a moment of…jealousy? Odd. I have never experienced this before. I don’t really know her, nor her intended. This churning in my gut makes absolutely no sense what so ever, so I seethe a bit in frustration.I flop onto my belly, swirling my fingers along the intricate brocade pattern of the couch’s upholstery. I startle a bit as a cool nose presses into my cheek, and I look up to see Trae and his beloved Tsianni looming above me. I greet them both warmly, truly happy to see friendly faces.I stand and stretch, murring softly as I feel my tight muscles bunch and lengthen pleasurably with my movement. I start to relax a bit as the haven fills up with pack members. I spot Zach and Luci in the corner talking and smiling at one another; talk about puppy-love. Lone is curled into the corner of the couch, and I wonder how long he’s been sitting there- I never felt him sit down near me.I stride to the common room and grab a drink from the refrigerator, wiping the top off with the hem of my T-shirt before popping the top. I take a long drink from the can and turn to walk back to the couch.
Unfortunately, my movement is met with an immovable object and I find myself careening backward. In a flash, a long, deeply-tanned and masculine arm shoots out and wraps around my waist, catching me before I hit the floor. The arm draws up and I am tugged tightly into a firm, black leather-clad chest, the vision of a tattooed wolf staring me in the face. It’s everything I can do to stifle the groan as I recognize who’s arm is holding me. My hand shoots up of its own volition, bracing against the wolven visage and I give a gentle shove…and meet the most stunning clear blue eyes.

“Hi, Ruv!”, I choke out a little too brightly. “Sorry about that! I’m a clutz. I just came in here to get a drink and I didn’t see you, and I hope I didn’t step on…..”
My voice trails off as I see him grinning at me as I stammer. I feel like an idiot. The blush stings my chest and cheeks, and I have a sudden primal need for a deep breath of fresh air.
I am cursing viciously inside my head as I push against him trying to get a little space between us. His arm tightens and he pulls me in close again, gently nuzzling my cheek.

“Hiya, Fey. Nice to see you again.” His voice is warm satin, low and smooth, and his chest rumbles under my fingers as he speaks. Ruv is doing his best to keep a chuckle from bubbling up into his voice, but I can hear his amusement. His nuzzle has left me breathlessly warm and I twist a bit to get free, edging back toward the doorway. I smile at him tightly and move into the next room, climbing back on the couch, tucking my legs tightly under me.

Kraven walks down the stairs and into the lounging area. All heads lower briefly, and then the girls all move to greet their father. Kraven moves to sit in his chair then changes his mind, deciding to hold the meeting on the cuddle rug. The pack members all curl up around each other on the rug and I feel a flash of hot panic as I realize the only open spot is to the left of Ruv, the one to his right being occupied by Anwen. Holding my breath, I move with what feels like leaden limbs to curl up against Ruv’s side.

There is no way in hell I am going to be able to concentrate.


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