It’s morning…

It’s morning, and I am moving slowly around my kitchen, making coffee barefoot and sporting nothing but a tanktop and panties, my hair a wild mass piled on top of my head. I still can’t shake the mild misery of last night. Under any other circumstances, I would have been flattered and probably a little flirtatious after a comment like the one Ruv made. I’m not a stranger to far more inuendo, in fact. So, why in the broad daylight, do his words still have me warming at just the thought of them? It was ONE SENTENCE, for fuck’s sake!

I climb the stairs to the roof and slide the door open. The smell of warm sand and fresh air washes over me, soothing my sleeplessness a bit.
My coffee cup is warm in my hand as I tend to my plants before curling up on the couch. I watch the sun rise as I sip the lovely steaming brew, trying to clear my head of images of that beautifully rugged face grinning at me in the bright lights of a pulsing stage.

It's morning...

I hear a short howl, and I answer in kind to Trae, who is sending out his “Good morning!” before heading off for the day. Trae, my friend and packmate, and my new neighbor, is completely responsible for me finding and falling in love with this house.

I hear Trae leave and my mind suddenly settles on an important fact: There is a pack meeting tonight. I groan loudly, nearly spilling my coffee in my bare lap as I realize my self-humiliation has only just begun. I reach up and place my palm on my forehead, almost begging the Gods for a raging fever that will keep me in bed…and in the next breath, a vision of the beautiful Ruv… in my bed… hits me in the gut and I nearly choke to death on a mouthful of coffee. I set my coffee on the table and wrap my arms around my legs, resting my forehead on my knees. The tension churns my belly and it is now painfully clear to me that today has just started a rapid downhill slide.

Perhaps there is a vamp with a death wish that I can tangle with on my way to the meeting…


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