As I land on the grass, breeze still billowing my hair, my vision clears and I can make out the shapes and colors of the club. I close my eyes a moment and wait for the fog to dissipate so I can see. Traveling that fast still causes, after all this time,  some physical repercussions for me.Image

I stand completely still, concentrating on the feel of my leather skirt against my bare legs, the stretch of my calf muscles as they flex inside my black boots, my hair as it brushes my back just above my dress, the tightness in my belly….I place my hand over my belly, half expecting to feel the lurch of excitement on my fingertips. I slide my hand lower, gently tugging on my bellyring and feel the answering twitch between my thighs. I am dancing with the Devil tonight. I am a Lycan in the world of Vampires.


I breathe in deeply, scenting clove and parafin, blood and absinthe. I  open my eyes slowly and can now focus on the candlelight against the dark backdrop of stone and and moving bodies.

We are in Eclipse. The music vibrates around me, through me, stirring my hair and other parts of me. The bass is strong and steady, and my heart skips a beat to retime itself to the external pulse.

My eyes scan the crowd of beautiful bodies, writhing and bending, laughing and brooding. I find Britt, already in deep conversation with Dorien. Undoubtedly about the wedding, if I know Britt.

I give her a little wave and begin moving through the crowd, kissing my greetings and touching a hand or thigh here and there to make my presence felt by those who know me. I see Requiem dancing, and I slide up to him and run my hand tenderly over his hip to pick up his dance. I smile up at him and move back a few paces, dancing in time with him and the others around him. Requiem nods slightly and smiles that soft, mysterious smile of his, black eyes glinting in the torch-light and making my throat tighten a little. I sigh and wish absently that he liked girls.

It’s quite a crowd tonight, and the heat is pleasant and comforting, and slightly electric. Something is in the air…


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