“You are a brave one, sitting up here all alone.”

My eyes snap open. I hadn’t heard him approach. I hadn’t heard anything but the distant throb of music and laughter.
I steel my nerves, trying to contain the smell of my fear. It is, however, too late as I hear his sharp, small gasp and the parting of lips.

“I am as safe here as anyone else.” I say, sounding far more relaxed and confident than I feel.
His eyes are…astonishing; Beautiful, colorless and absolutely fathomless, like liquid silver.
I  know the tricks of a vamps’ seduction, and I am normally unaffected. He knows I am not a mortal, and yet his berry-red tongue still glides over his lower lip, as if he is tasting the air around me or trying to muddle my mind. I can’t tell which. Mesmerized by his mouth, I follow his tongue’s path with my eyes, catching the intended show of fang. My belly ignites and in half a breath, I am aching with want of this lovely creature. He is tall, lean, with broad shoulders and hair to the middle of his back, though it is pulled high in a knot. He is impecably dressed, his pale skin gleaming in what remains of the moonlight. It is a waning moon tonight, which is good for both of us, for different reasons.

I am unaware of how much time has passed as I realize I have been staring into his breathtaking mercury eyes. I look down to see his hand, long slender fingers stained with blood, resting patiently in the air before me. I slip my hand into his, senselessly, and rise to my feet. Without taking a step, we are back in the club and on the dancefloor, and he has pulled me into a slow salsa, dancing as expertly as if we were born to move this way together.

My limbs are now starting a slow burn, matching the heat in the core of me, and I struggle to maintain a polite dance distance. As the song ends, he pulls me close, wrapping his arm tightly around my waist. My breath catches, and I am dizzy with pent desire. Our lips are only a breath apart and I can feel the hum of him on my mouth as he says, “I thank you for the pleasure of this dance, Moirraah.” His r’s roll like liquid silk, and my name from him ends in a sigh.

His eyes never leave mine as he hovers above me and traces a butterfly kiss on my cheek with lips warmer than any vamps’ should be. A heart thud later he is gone, and I am bereft, empty, and still aching.

My fingers stretch up of their own volition to touch the burning place on my cheek where his kiss still lingers, and a whisper falls from me…



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