The origin.

Sometimes, we are graced with someone who loves us. If we’re lucky, they mark our lives in a positive way.

I am a very lucky girl to have had this person in my life, and still think about him, knowing my time with him changed me forever in some small measure.

A spirit lithe, adorned in fire
Pushes past perception’s veils
The ceaseless auburn does conspire
With azure pools and brightest sails
Beyond the gloom I see that star
Springing forth from darkest pitch
Her songs can fill the deepest wells
Closing voids without a stitch
My eyes rise to the zenith’s light
Tracing an arc of a thousand miles
The sky shrinks smaller night by night
From softly spoken lambent styles
Before us in those lonesome gaps
Lie hurdles born of vow and flesh
The honor from those long lost maps
Will not preclude our souls to mesh
The beauty of her face and mind
Boundless in its splayed extent
Bolstered in her passion finds
The bars of passion’s prison bent.
My undying thanks to you, Raina Hanu, for these words to me. Know I see your heart in them, wherever you are…

A spirit lithe...


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