The air outside the club is velvet-heavy and dark, warm with late summer breezes rippling through it. Boldness worms its way through my walk and I reach out and grab his arm, pulling him to me as I press my back against the brick wall. He looms over me, his beautiful face only half a breath from mine, his lips slightly parted…and I am reaching for a taste. Continue reading

Bite me.

I could smell him. The fact that his fingers were warm on the small of my back meant little in comparrison to the scent of him filling my head and making my heart race. I flicked my tongue over my lower lip, trying to be inobvious in my desire to scent him more completely…woodsmoke, leather…and the green of a lush forest. I coughed to cover a tiny moan as it accidently escaped my lips. Continue reading


I vaguely listen to the discussions taking place around me. The meeting is ending, and people are standing to leave when Aerlinniel decides we all need to go dancing at the Fantasy Ranch. I immediately begin formulating excuses as to why I can’t go: Clients early in the morning, a horrible clog in my bathroom sink at home, not wearing the right shoes, etc. Anwen and Chira left hours ago, saying something about having to go to work, but the rest of the pack seems excited by the prospect. Continue reading


My boot heels dig into the soft earth outside the pack haven as I land silently, waiting for the fog to clear. The breeze from this morning has died and the air is still and clinging. Sunset has come and gone, and the waxing moon rises high above the rooftops in town, glowing pearlescent in a twilight sky.

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It’s morning…

It’s morning, and I am moving slowly around my kitchen, making coffee barefoot and sporting nothing but a tanktop and panties, my hair a wild mass piled on top of my head. I still can’t shake the mild misery of last night. Under any other circumstances, I would have been flattered and probably a little flirtatious after a comment like the one Ruv made. Continue reading

Quietude…and reflection.

The house is quiet, the dusk settling over the whole island like a warm, velvet blanket. I can hear Sophie in the nursery, softly babbling to herself as she plays in her crib, the other children out at an event at Addie’s school. I have just poured myself an espresso and, inhaling deeply, I waft the fragrance under my nose as I settle onto a stool at the kitchen table. The lights are out, save the fan above my head and the night-light in the hall, so the candle-lanterns in the garden cast a soft glow into the kitchen from outside.

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“You are a brave one, sitting up here all alone.”

My eyes snap open. I hadn’t heard him approach. I hadn’t heard anything but the distant throb of music and laughter.
I steel my nerves, trying to contain the smell of my fear. It is, however, too late as I hear his sharp, small gasp and the parting of lips.

“I am as safe here as anyone else.” I say, sounding far more relaxed and confident than I feel.
His eyes are…astonishing; Beautiful, colorless and absolutely fathomless, like liquid silver. Continue reading


My eyes are closed and I am feeling the music swirling through me. Warm and cool flesh, alternately, presses close and I am in Heaven, if there is a Heaven for the wicked.

Britt dances over, runs her hand up my bare arm, and plants a noisy, wet kiss on my left cheek, then falls in to dance with the rest of the group. Lash has just rolled up Type O Negative’s “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” and I chuckle softly and grab Britt’s hand and lick her index finger from palm to tip. She fakes a shudder, we giggle, then keep dancing. Continue reading


 As I land on the grass, breeze still billowing my hair, my vision clears and I can make out the shapes and colors of the club. I close my eyes a moment and wait for the fog to dissipate so I can see. Traveling that fast still causes, after all this time,  some physical repercussions for me.Image

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Never wander far.

I hate it when Brittainy is bored. Nights are the worst. Tonight, she slips in the back door just before midnight. I hear the tinkling of glass in the kitchen and know without asking that she is pouring herself a cordial of absinthe. If I didn’t love her so, I’d fuss at her for taking the good stuff.

I remain still, stretched across the enormous  leather couch in front of the fireplace, my eyes scanning the little book of Italian poetry that was open in my hand. I haven’t read a word of it since I heard Britt working her key in the lock.
Now, her heels click across the wood floor and she sways across the room, all tanned and beautifully coiffed, and flops into the chair across from me. I sigh lightly, laying the book face down on my chest and look at her, knowing what’s coming.

Brit and  Fey

Another quiet night at home. Almost.

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The origin.

Sometimes, we are graced with someone who loves us. If we’re lucky, they mark our lives in a positive way.

I am a very lucky girl to have had this person in my life, and still think about him, knowing my time with him changed me forever in some small measure.

A spirit lithe, adorned in fire
Pushes past perception’s veils
The ceaseless auburn does conspire
With azure pools and brightest sails
Beyond the gloom I see that star
Springing forth from darkest pitch
Her songs can fill the deepest wells
Closing voids without a stitch
My eyes rise to the zenith’s light
Tracing an arc of a thousand miles
The sky shrinks smaller night by night
From softly spoken lambent styles
Before us in those lonesome gaps
Lie hurdles born of vow and flesh
The honor from those long lost maps
Will not preclude our souls to mesh
The beauty of her face and mind
Boundless in its splayed extent
Bolstered in her passion finds
The bars of passion’s prison bent.
My undying thanks to you, Raina Hanu, for these words to me. Know I see your heart in them, wherever you are…

A spirit lithe...